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Welcome to the Hitchhiker's Guide Support Site

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This site is designed to support the readers of William Vaughn's Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server (7th Edition) and his  EBooks. Here on you'll find the book's Table of Contents, a brief introduction, the Foreword by Bob Muglia as well as a sample chapter here (click the "Book" tab on the left). That said, consider that Mr. Vaughn has retired from the technical book side of his career. His new focus is on fantasy fiction. Check out his new series that begins with The Owl Wrangler and Guardians of the Sacred Seven. These books are available on Amazon and Kindle. See his book site for more information.

The latest edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide is a compendium of information written to help developers at all skill levels understand how Visual Studio and SQL Server are used to create professional data-centric applications. As with previous editions, it includes sections on the core features of SQL Server as well as the essential tools in Visual Studio you'll need to access them. Unlike previous editions, the 7th Edition is a "start from scratch" book that refocuses on the foundations of best practice architectures and team development strategies. For the first time there are tutorials on relational theory and a easy-to-understand discussion on how SQL Server works. This provides the reader with a better footing when building applications that must perform well on limited hardware or scale up to support more users. The 7th Edition also includes a DVD that contains the example databases and code examples referenced by the book. We've also added a bonus feature--a 90 minute lecture on ADO.NET 2.0 done for SetFocus.

Compact Edition ebook
Hitchhikers Guide Compact Edition cover The first of Bill's EBooks Hitchhiker's Guide to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is now available on Kindle. Since SQL Server Compact edition was announced after the 7th edition went to press, Bill turned his attention to the Compact Edition as an eBook which details Microsoft's  reincarnation of the SQL Mobile/SQLCE mini DBMS engine. It's designed to provide a light, fast, single-user SQL engine that can be integrated with Windows Forms or Windows Mobile applications with equal ease. The eBook examples illustrated in the book can be downloaded from this site . The Kindle version of the eBook can be purchased from Amazon. The PDF version is no longer available.


Just Browsing?
If you arrived here without purchasing a copy, you can browse the AskAnswer public forums to see answers to questions readers have posed. Book owners should log into the Premium area and register their book using the registration code printed inside the front cover. This site permits registered users to ask (and answer) questions in the AskAnswer forum section. If you don't have a premium content registration number, all you need to do it buy a copy of the book-- it's printed on the first page of the book and imbedded in the text in the EBook. This premium access code gives you at least 6 months of free access to the site.

Tip: When entering your premium access code from the first page of the printed books, be sure to ignore any curly braces { } around the GUID--all we need is the number.

I hope you enjoy the latest in the Hitchhiker's Guide series.
William (Bill) Vaughn

PS. If you have trouble with the site, issues should be sent to billva@betav.com. Be sure to put "Hitchhiker's Guide" in the subject line to make sure I spot your email in the junk mail folder. I get hundreds of pieces of junk mail a day and I would not want to miss your question or comment.