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Boost Data Ltd.

How to buy my books

I’m sure I don’t have to tell developers how to order my printed books—they're sold all over the world in all major city bookstores. By far, most of you buy books online so it makes sense to try to find the best deal. That’s why I recommend “Best Book Buys” that lists all of the major online (US) retailers and compares them side-by-side (including shipping charges).  

My EBooks are being sold through Boost Data Ltd. in the UK managed by Peter Blackburn. This site permits you to buy any of my EBooks at a discounted price through PayPal. I've tried to keep the prices low because there is no middle-man taking 70% or more of the revenue from the books. These books are manufactured with a custom ID imbedded in the binary file to reduce piracy. Because of this, processing can take 24 hours. Once you order the book you will be sent an email link to the download site once the book has been built. 

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